What's New for 2016?

We love the fact that our Guests usually rate us as 5 Stars. But, even so, we are always trying to improve - to make 3 and 4 Clifton the very best seaside self-catering in Ireland. Our latest additions are:

  1. Upgraded Superfast Broadband
    Our previous broadband was good, but we have upgraded as soon as we could. Our broadband now runs at around 30MB/s which is really quick, particularly here in Ireland. And its still free, of course, for our Guests.

  2. Insider's tips
    Our Guests have always asked about the area and we've tried to offer advice before... but now we've taken that to whole new level. Martin has spent ages selecting and compiling an exhaustive list of all the places we recommend that you see, things to do, places to visit, places to eat, beaches and activities. We've also added some selections that have been highly praised by previous Clifton Guests too. It's a personal selection for our Guests and so we call it the Clifton Club Directory, you can find it on our website.

  3. Personalised Itinerary
    Our Clifton Club Directory has dozens of entries and will continue to grow. But there are too many things to do in one holiday, and our Guests are different ages, come from all around the world and they want different things. And so we have created a Personalised Itinerary Service for our Guests (free of course!). When you book with us we'll ask your about your Group, their ages and interests. From your replies we will personally select an Itinerary of places to see, things to do, places to eat, where to shop and what not to miss. We'll even help out if there is something in particular you want to organise. Your itinerary will be sent to you before you arrive so that you can plan your trip.

  4. Bikes and Bike Storage
    Some Guests like to bring their own bikes, but the we had nowhere to store them. We are creating a bike storage area for each house, so that your bike can be stored secure and dry and out of the way. At the back of 3 Clifton we have built a small shed, and added two bikes which are now too small for our own children, they'll suit kids from 9-14 years. Guests are welcome to use the bikes (at their own risk) and we've even provided a pair of bike helmets too.
    PS: We love cycling around here, there are lots of easy routes and plenty to challenge the more adventurous. You can hire bikes locally too, all details are in the Clifton Club Directory

  5. Privacy Screen
    The Terrace at Clifton is shared between the two houses; 3 & 4. It's always been that way since the houses were built, it's a very social way of sharing and common throughout Ireland and typical of the Victorian period when the houses were built. Our Guests usually love the arrangement, and the terrace remains a open social area for all guests. But it occurred to us that maybe, on occasion, guests might want a little bit more privacy. And so we've installed a retractable privacy screen. It's takes 3 seconds to open or close. 

  6. Toasted Sandwich Makers
    One of our most frequent holidaying groups love to take picnics with their kids, and their kids love toasted sandwiches. They even took to bringing a toasted sandwich maker with them. Our kitchens are so well stocked with all manner of equipment, to suit even the keenest cook, it seemed churlish not to provide these as well. So now we do. As they say 'every little helps' ;)